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Interiors & Exteriors



  • -We frequently work in collaboration with interior designers and contractors.
  • -We'll gladly apply samples at no extra charge.
  • -We repair and restore all wall and ceiling plaster or sheetrock surfaces to their original texture by skim-coating with joint compound.
  • -We use superior quality materials: custom mixes, designer colors and/or color matches, variety of sheens and textures. Low-odor paints available upon request.
  • -We employ a variety of finish techniques, including spray, roller, and hand-brushing.
  • -On a tight timeline? No problem. We can assign extra crew to accommodate short deadlines/customers needs.


Thorough Preparation: The surface preparation is where we place the most emphasis and, when done correctly, is the key to a long lasting paint job. We spend the majority of our time on the prep and never rush or cut corners.
Waterproofing: Any job we do is always thoroughly waterproofed by caulking and reglazing windows and joints around trims and doors, and by patching any cracks in wood, stucco or concrete with Spackle, Bondo or Flexible Elastromeric Patching compounds.
We use superior materials: We work with the highest quality finishes for excellent color retention and adhesion. Our materials, designed specifically for the Bay Area's climate needs, will resist blistering and cracking, kill stains and inhibit mildew growth.